Monica Germino in New York

Deze video maakten we vorig jaar tijdens de Night of the Unexpected: Long Waves and Random Pulses van Annie Gosfield, uitgevoerd door Monica Germino. Monica speelde het stuk eerder deze week in New York, en kreeg > een juichende recensie in de New York TimesAn emotional highlight was Annie Gosfield’s “Long Waves and Random Pulses” for violin and jammed radio signals. Ms. Gosfield used audio samples of sound patterns used by Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union during World War II to interfere with enemy radio transmissions, as well as a snippet of the Chaconne from Bach’s Partita in D minor that briefly flickered through the sonic mayhem. The sound palette created by these multiple layers was astonishingly rich, and at times the virtuosic violin line above the repetitive radio signal patterns took on the tried-and-tested beauty of a Vivaldi concerto.