Gaudeamus Muziekweek: start vandaag!

Facebook-vrienden van de Gaudeamus Muziekweek kregen vanochtend een bericht dat een mooie korte samenvatting geeft van wat je te wachten staat als je deze week naar Utrecht komt om van de Muziekweek te genieten: This week we will bring the newest music by the youngest generation of composers to Utrecht. In exciting programming formats at extraordinary locations. This means music by among others, Wouter Snoei, Marko Ciciliani, Martijn Padding and 13 young composers nominated for the Gaudeamus Prize 2012. Performed by Asko | Schönberg, VocaalLAB, EnAccord, orkest de erepijs, Insomnio, Nieuw Ensemble and many more.

The program of this year’s edition? Free lunch concerts where Dutch conservatories present themselves, the annual festival-within-a-festival The Night of The Unexpected, two seminars, beautiful sound installations and the first results of a special musical cooperation between Ensemble Klang and Knalpot, which was initiated by Gaudeamus. Furthermore, we also offer three nights of “sleep concerts” in the Strowis hostel; nocturnal programs which are organized in collaboration with the Flemish record label Slaapwel Records. This and much, much more from 2 until 9 September in Utrecht.