Vladimir Gorlinski

Genomineerd voor de Gaudeamus Prijs 2011:

Sean Friar (1985, USA) -Velvet Hammer, for flute, Bb-clarinet, el.guitar, piano and bass
Vladimir Gorlinski (1984, Russia) – Ultimate Granular Paradise, for ensemble
Abel Paúl (1984, Spain)- Linea de vacio, for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello
Raffaele Grimaldi (1980, Italy)- Tesla, Azione drammaturgica in tre scene, per soprano, tenore, baritone, basso e percussioni
Sergey Khismatov (1983, Russia) – To the left
Diana Soh (1984, Singapore) – [Ro]Ob[ta]ject[tions], for string quartet
Wei-Chieh Lin (1982, Taiwan) – Tracing the shadows of Broken Time, for sinfonietta of 15 players
Yoshiaki Onishi (1981, USA)- Depart dans…., for five players
Thierry Tidrow (1986, Canada/Netherlands) – It had something to do with the telling of time…, for ensemble
Ezequiel Menalled (1980, Argentina/Netherlands)- “N N”, for ensemble
Anna Korsun (1986, Ukraine)- Landscapes, for five voices
Andrew McIntosh (1985, USA) – Voices and Echo 1, for viola with viola accompaniment
Yu Oda (1983, Japan) – The scheme of the sea organ, for three recorders, bass clarinet, two percussionists.